Monday, 25 March 2013

Cardboard tube fun

So this is what we have been doing instead of being out in the spring sunshine (ha ha)!

Its amazing how much fun you can have with a load of cardboard tubes and stones.

Chops was very excited by the extra large tube which was an old wrapping paper insert.  They ended up being used to talk through and spy through (and all tubes should be used in this way - its only right).

We extended the play by talking about how we could feel the sound and taping lots of small tubes together to try to make it as long as the wrap insert.

Is it Spring

So I was trying to remember that it really is spring and looked at some of the photos of when we did manage to get out into the garden and have some fun digging and planting spring flowers (which are now under an inch of snow and probably not going to make it)!!!

This is such a great activity as we have given chops a patch of her own and she can dig away without worrying about the plants and we can plant some veg when the weather comes good again!

We also gathered stones, shells and pinecones from around the garden and decorated the border which was good fun too. (Who knew that the very annoying 50ft Christmas tree, planted over 50 years ago according to our neighbour, could be a source of fun and decoration rather than just piles of needles!)

Come back spring - pretty please.

Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Start again?

Ok so the 'I am back now' post but didn't really work out so let's see if we can get going again. My creativity is getting more directed into play with the munchkins now (particularly having found the wonderful theimaginationtree which has inspired lots of creative play). 
So I am going to include ideas for play, musings about mummy life and general creative things to see if I can pour some of my creative urges into here to keep me inspired. Fingers crossed!