Tuesday, 13 April 2010

I found my Sindy

So I went into the loft and below is a badly taken photo of my Sindy in her fab 1970s mac and hat. I think she was my second Sindy as the first one went to Sindy heaven after a bad hair experience! Shame, as this one is a bit more modern and was trying to catch up with Barbies ample developments. I was probably a bit too old to be getting a Sindy as well!
The mad thing that I also found whilst in the loft was my 'treasures' box. Now what we might call treasures these days was very different to when we were younger. I will post tomorrow some further treasure revelations but my first treasure is the Sindy food that my Mum made me one Christmas. This was before Fimo and she used an air dry clay called Daz and then hand painted them all. Now that is a mothers love.

Claire at home. X

Claire Coles and Sindy

I have always loved Claire Coles and her gorgeous vintage wallpaper design and manipulation but I am so excited about the opening picture on her web page as it has Sindy furniture on it!!! Its the same set as I had growing up in the 1970's.
Who else remembers the wonderful plumb Sindy who was so much nicer that skinny big chested Barbie - where did Sindy go???? Bring her back!!! When I get home I am off to the loft to dig out my Sindy Dolls (yes I still have them and some cracking outsfits but sadly no furniture) and I will post some pics later.

Monday, 12 April 2010

At the dentists

So here I am again getting the brace managed! Forgot my tooth brush which is a bit depressing as I will have mucky teeth ugh!
Got out of work early though which is always nice!
Also getting to look through the Plumo catalogue which I do love (although it is a little expensive). There is a pair of mushroom loose trousers that I would like but they might look a bit washed out on me. www.plumo.com

Claire out and about.

Location:Essex St,St Albans,United Kingdom

Sunday, 11 April 2010


So it's been a very busy day what with the fair and when I got home I went straight out into the garden to finish the vegtable seed planting. We have put in two new veg beds in our small plot.

This is the after shot and this is grumpy Jim while we were trying to do the garden last Tuesday.

Only four more weeks at work now till I am off to my new job with a relaxing week inbetween!

Claire at home x

St Albans flea and craft Market

So Anna and I are sitting behind our stall feeling very happy that we have made some sales today and still over half hour to go! Here are some pics from the day.

Anna on the stall!

Claire out and about.

Location:A1081,St Albans,United Kingdom

Friday, 9 April 2010

Vintage Market and food inspiration

I am launching the first outing of Pearl & Rose at the weekend at the St Albans Flea & Craft Market. I will post lots of pictures next week.

Just had to mention as well the exhibition at the Imperial War Museum that I want to try to get to as soon as I can. The Ministry of Food exhibition has some great posters running with it and I am after this one.