Tuesday, 13 April 2010

I found my Sindy

So I went into the loft and below is a badly taken photo of my Sindy in her fab 1970s mac and hat. I think she was my second Sindy as the first one went to Sindy heaven after a bad hair experience! Shame, as this one is a bit more modern and was trying to catch up with Barbies ample developments. I was probably a bit too old to be getting a Sindy as well!
The mad thing that I also found whilst in the loft was my 'treasures' box. Now what we might call treasures these days was very different to when we were younger. I will post tomorrow some further treasure revelations but my first treasure is the Sindy food that my Mum made me one Christmas. This was before Fimo and she used an air dry clay called Daz and then hand painted them all. Now that is a mothers love.

Claire at home. X

1 comment:

  1. ahhh wow!!! now how good was your mum :)
    i can see where you get it from now

    i don't ever remember having food for our sindys but i do remember a sunshine yellow bath it even had a plug. lol funny the things we remember isnt it