Thursday, 11 February 2010

Hidden Eloise I am sure is not the first

I have just found the lovely artwork of Hidden Eloise but it seems that a studio who supplies Paperchase with artworks found her designs some time ago. But this is not the first or the last case of very close reproduction of an art work. Design studios work at such a fast and high pressured pace that the designers turn to resources such as the internet and individual creatives. Big Blue Chip customers may also just give the studio reference and ask for the design to be "parallel developed".
Most of the time the designer has no way of commenting but thanks to new technology Hidden Eloise has created a fire storm on twitter and is now in the Metro, The Independant and has Channel Four news asking questions and I am sure that is just the beginning. Paperchase has been updating its internet site with comments all day. Its great that the individual designer has been able to exert some power - but I am sure this will not be the last case of 'replication' of a designers work.

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